Online Art Courses, Drawing & Painting Lessons Online

Online Art Lessons via Skype / Zoom

Due to distance or time constraints, sometimes the only way to receive lessons may be to connect online.  This is obviously not quite the same as working together in person, but it can still work very well.  It  does also have some definite benefits, such as convenience and the ability to record sessions.




Fees for Online Lessons

The following hourly rates apply for lessons online:


Primary - £30

Secondary (including GCSE) £35

A Level & Adult Learner £40




Arrange Online Lessons

Please click on 'Book Lessons' in the menu to the left and a time can be arranged for either a free initial consultation via Skype / Zoom or a first lesson.  Details of needed materials will also be given.  


Note: a good speed internet connection and webcam will be needed.  Sometimes internet connection can be lost, when this happens any remaining time paid for will be kept in credit to be used at the next available session.




Make Payment

Once a first lesson has been arranged payment must be made before the start of the lesson.


Please pay via my online shop