Drawing Lessons in Brighton & Hove

Pencil Drawing

Pencil drawing lessons will often cover essentials such as achieving accuracy of shape, proportion and tone as well as the use of different pencils and techniques.  A common goal regardless of age or level is to be able to draw more realistically.  Guidance and practice in the essential areas will increase ability to make realistic drawings.  This can be covered through any subject such as still life, portraiture, fantasy art, etc.


Charcoal Drawing

Charcoal is a medium that seems to be loved and hated in equal measures.  Some people can't stand how dirty their hands (and faces) become when drawing with charcoal.  Some (myself included) love how messy it is, how it can be manipulated, and how well suited it is for tonal drawing.  It is in fact like a "dry paint" and is excellent practice in preparation for painting.  The charcoal lessons focus more on the effective use of tone and mark making.


Pencil and charcoal lessons are available for all age / qualification categories.


Life Drawing  

Drawing from live models is an age-old tradition in artistic training and is excellent practice in terms of sharpening key drawing skills and powers of observation.  These lessons are only available to A Level students, Degree students and Adult Learners.

Drawing Courses

In addition to individual programs of tuition, one-to-one drawing courses with set sequences of lessons on specific subjects are also available.  Please see:

General Course in Drawing

Special Course in Portrait Drawing

Special Course in Life Drawing