Fees & Special Offers

Hourly Fees (pay as you go)

Primary - £30 per hour


Secondary = £35 per hour


A Level & Adult Learners (Drawing & Painting) - £40 per hour


Special Offers


10 hours paid in advance recieves a 5% discount


20 hours paid in advance recieves a 10% discount


30 hours paid in advance recieves a 15% discount

Small Classes

The hourly fees are as one-to-one lessons above plus £10 per additional person.  If the class consists of a mixture of adults and children, the adult hourly fee will apply.

Updated Rates in 2025

From the 1st of January 2025, the one-to-one hourly fees will be:

£35 for primary 

£40 for secondary

£45 for A Level / Adult Learners 

Discounts for hours paid in advance will be calculated as follows:

(5% for 10 hours, 7.5% for 20 hours and 10% for 30 hours).