GCSE Art Tutor for Brighton & Hove

GCSE Art Lessons - Improving Grades! 

The GCSE Art lessons are designed to increase artistic ability as well as develop the needed skills for successful coursework and prepare for a final exam.


Coursework is an essential part of GCSE Art & Design assessment.  This therefore requires that students not only develop their ability to make works of art, but also to research, write and present ideas effectively.  Students can be coached through the various aspects of their coursework during lessons, including how to understand and write about artists.



Parent / Guardian Attendance

When tutoring students aged below 16, I take into consideration certain advice on good practice for tutors. Therefore, in the case of most GCSE students a parent or guardian will be required to stay throughout each lesson.  


Specifications & GCSE Grades

Exam boards publish specifications which provide full details of their course aims, including target skills and abilities.  Whether it be AQA or Edexcel, the relevant specifications are taken into account in order to work towards an improvement in predicted GCSE grades.